Chipotle hearts Brookside?

We’re hearing word that everyone’s favorite burritto resturaunt was promoting local farmers markets this weekend.  Apparently the first 250 customers this weekend (I’m assuming at the Main Street location but don’t actually know) received tokens that got them $10 off at the Brookside Farmer’s market.

I dig that.  Although Chipotle probably has a bigger impact on the food market by actually buying from local farmers–which their website says they’d do.  I’d love to hear from local farmers about how that program works–the fox will do some sleuthing to find out.  In the mean time, we’re any of you readers in the lucky 250?

University of Kansas City?

Image courtesy University News

There’s been buzz as of late about UMKC changing it’s name to some variation of University of Kansas City or KCU or something of the sorts.  The idea would be to separate the brand from Mizzou some and help people realize that the school is a major, unique school in it’s own right.  Changing the name would have no bearing on the school’s continued relationship with the UM system.

According to a small and anecdotal survey of students by the independent student paper, The University News, it appears most students are against the name change.  KCUR also recently did a segment with administration officials where they talk about motivations for the name change.

From the sounds of the KCUR piece, the administration is in no hurry to force this change–it is something that will be well thought out.

A lot of Missouri schools have been changing their name lately, UM-Rolla is now Missouri University of Science and technology.  Southwest Missouri State changed their name to simply Missouri State.  And back in the 80′s, Northeast Missouri State University changed it’s name to Truman State to indicate it’s pivot towards being a liberal arts college (go Bulldogs!).  I’m still not used to the Rolla change but I think the Mo State and Truman changes were for the better as they helped give each school some distinction.  Moreover, I think Kansas City has suffered from not having a strong university that can draw graduate students and keep KC’s best and brightest in the city.  That has changed a lot in the past twenty years–the Bloch school is consistently highly rated now, and the Medical schools remain a huge draw.  I think it would serve KC well to have the school branded as Kansas City rather than some long acronym that no one outside of the state recognizes.

But, I’m just one fox.  What do you think??

Is Drought Affecting Your Home’s Foundation?

Well, yesterday’s pittering not included, it’s been about 1 jillion days since it rained here in Kansas City.  The consequences for our gardens and yards has been predictable.  But did you know the drought is probably affecting the foundation of your house?

Much the same forces that create Kansas City’s dread potholes are at play here.  When Missouri’s clay soil is wet, it expands and lifts your foundation–or holds it in place.  When the dirt around the house gets this dry, it contracts and compacts, letting the foundation lower.

Signs of this phenomenon are often seen as growing spaces between your door and it’s jam, cracks in the brick veneer of your house or even in the floor of your basement.

mind the gap–it’s a warning sign!

The Missouri Extension suggests watering your foundation on a regular basis, ideally with a soaker hose placed 8-18inches from your foundation.

All I have to say is, yikes.  Sometimes it’s nice to be a renter!

Brookside Triangle Park to go smoke free

I guess it’s the little things, right KC government?  The Star is reporting on Kansas City’s attempts to discourage smoking at local parks, including seeking a full ban on smoking at Brookside’s Triangle Park.  I can’t say I’ve noticed any chain smokers hanging at the park lately but I can understand how it would be annoying when you’re trying to have a family outing.

Anyone have anything to say on this?  I guess I’m more surprised that this is on the top of KC’s priority list right now…