What is it?

I was out walking the dog the other night when I came across the scene above near 62nd and Holmes.  Head-scratching ensued, and when I got home, I found that Google wasn’t much help either.  So I’ve been studying this situation and come up with the following theories:

  • We have stumpy-legged wooden dogs prowling the neighborhood, chaining up and kidnapping our fire hydrants.
  • The city is experimenting with new ways of growing water-loving fungus
  • Local kids are getting a little too ambitious with their science fair projects.

For now, I’m just taking this as another example of how ‘anything goes’ here in Brookside.  But if there’s anyone out there who has seen this sort of thing, by all means, enlighten us.

From this angle, it kind of looks like the hydrant is using the box as some kind of weapon: