Looking For a Park Near You?

The Fox stumbled upon this very useful website called Park Finder through the City of Kansas City, MO website.  You can type in your address and up pops a map complete with directions of parks that are near to you.  It also tells you the distance so you know when you are in for the long haul, verses a quick jaunt around the block.  You can also search for parks by activity, for instance swimming or tennis and the website will show little icons to inform you of what is available and where.  Check it out here.


Kit’s Korner

This is the third park review in Kit’s Korner.  And this park is the farthest north of the three parks along the Trolley Track Trail.  It is located near the UMKC Campus and the United Methodist Church. This park is much smaller than the one at Suicide Hill and the one at 59th and Brookside Blvd. But it packs in quite alot.  It has three slides, a tunnel, and two swings. It also boasts this rather large fake dinosaur fossil.

And on the other side of the fossil is a sort of half-dome climbing wall!

Overall this is a nice little park.  One drawback is that it is located near a very busy street and unlike the other two parks it is not off set from the street.  Also there is no marked crosswalk allowing you to get from the Trolley Track Trail to the park.  So you are on your own crossing Brookside Blvd.


Kit’s Korner

The Fox calls this park the Park at Suicide Hill.  Suicide Hill is best known for sledding during those snowy Kansas City days.  All the kits know it is the best place to make the best out of cold, snowy winters.  But during the off-season Suicide Hill is also home to a pretty great playground.

It seems to have two parts.  The part featured above is for smaller kits and the part below for   larger ones.  This is definitely a great feature to have in a playground because sometimes certain slides or bridges or even stairs are not safe or even accessible to little ones.

One of the best things about this park and the houses nearby is the view of the city.  You can see the top of One Kansas City Place.

Also there are apartments just east of this park. Anyone know what those apartments are called?

Kit’s Korner

Did you know that The Fox is a family fox? And that little foxes are called kits?  In Kit’s Korner we will explore the great things around Brookside for children and families.  Let’s start with parks, the currency of young children. Brooskide is full of them!

This is the park at 59th and Brookside Blvd.

Check out that huge rock! Very cool, but a little dangerous for the little ones.  There is nothing to hold on to up there.

I still haven’t figured out what this thing is but the kits love to bounce on it.

And of course this park has swings, benches, a water fountain, and large green area to run around.  Another plus about this park is that is just a couple blocks from the Brookside shops.  That means sandwiches and custard are right around the corner when the kits get hungry!

What do you love about this park??