Nominate a Good Neighbor, vol. 2

Well, it turns out that we’re not the only ones looking to celebrate the great neighbors of Kansas City.  The city of Kansas City is also seeking to honor great neighbors who commit random acts of kindness, both large and small.

You can find more details for nominating over here.  Now, get to nominating–Brookside should have great representation at this!

Nominate a Neighbor

This blog is all about celebrating Brookside.  And we all know that one of the things that makes this neighborhood what it is, is our neighbors.  Yet, we haven’t had many Good Neighbor Awards lately.


Soooo, would you nominate a good neighbor?  Either leave them in the comments or email fox  /-\T and we’ll give them a hearty shout out!

Good Neighbor Award

Well, you can’t hold out on naming the world’s best coffee shop a good neighbor for too long.  Today we’re highlighting their creative and very useful bike racks!  Thanks for being such a good neighbor Roasterie!

Got a neighbor to nominate for the great neighbor?  Email and let us know!

Good Neighbor Award #1

There are so many things that make Brookside and Kansas City great.  One of them is that kind and friendly neighbors abound!  So we’ll take some time every week to honor those who have gone above and beyond to be good neighbors.

Our first award goes to Stuff.  Any business that supports a bikeable city is a winner in the fox’s book.  Thanks Stuff!