Bier Station to Brookside?

Another local blog, Inside Brookside, has the scoop on a proposed new craft beer bar coming to Brookside.  Bier Station is the brainchild of local resident John Couture.  The plan is to open up at the corner of Rockhill and Gregory–a space that’s been vacant for a good while now (and perennially advertised on Craigslist–you know for those of us that are consistently googling brookside real estate).

Inside Brookside indicates that they seem to have good support from the Armour Hills neighborhood and their Facebook Page has 65 likes, so their gaining some steam!  Sounds like the lease hasn’t been finalized so we’re probably still a few months out but what a great addition to the neighborhood this would be.  I really love Gregory Street and it’d be great to see particular strip re-invigorated with a great, locally owned business.

What do you think–a good addition to Brookside?

Google Fiber Will Be Available in Brookside!

Google held a big, google, tech-style meeting in mid-town in Kansas City today.  At the much hyped event they announced that fiber internet access is coming to KC neighborhoods next fall.

Which neighborhoods get fiber access will be based upon demand and Google’s got a bit of a public competition set up so that you can track whose registered in your neighborhood and encourage them to pre-register for service.

Brookside is split up in to several different sub-neighborhoods but I have no doubt it will end up being on the leading edge of Fiber installation.  Our neighborhood of 49-63 already had 6 people pre-registered by the time I checked the website, within minutes of the site going live.

You can read a bunch more details here.  The Fox, for one, is excited!

Overall it appears as though Google’s been happy with their partnership with KC thus far, with the CFO stating “Kansas City has been the perfect choice.”

The event was simulcast live on youtube, and started with a cute little video–you can check it out here.


Our school board member has resigned…

News came across the wire (and by that, we mean the twitter) last week that Kansas City School Board member Derek Richey is resigning.  He’s leaving KC to move to Tennessee where he’s taken a new job.  Richey served as the District 2 board member–an area which includes Brookside.

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Derek Richey

The School District announced that the Board of Education will notify the elections Board which will hold a special election to fill the seat–probably concurrent with the November elections.

The Kansas City Star has a very short write up on his departure.

With all the school board controversy over the past few years, and the potential that the state will take authority away from the school board, it will be interesting to see who steps up for this role.

The Soccer Lot Comes to Brookside

Good News, Brookside!

Those of us wanting more soccer in our lives have something to be very, very excited about. A few weeks ago, The Soccer Lot set up its outdoor 5-a-side soccer arena at Southwest High School (65th and Wornall). The arena was set up in about an hour and was open to pickup games for people of all ages.
I spoke with the man organizing the Soccer Lot project, and he says there are plans to install a permanent 5-a-side arena somewhere in Kansas City soon, with the location to be determined. The arena will have all-weather artificial turf, lights for night play, and bleachers for spectators. The temporary arena that came to Brookside is about the size of a basketball court and sets up on top of existing grass. There are boards similar to those used in ice hockey around the entire perimeter, with netting extending 8-10 feet above them, all around. This means the ball rarely goes out of play, and helps maximize playing time. Teams play 4 field players with one goal keeper, and the games tend to be fast-paced and conducive to quick passing and creative dribbling.
I’ll take a good pick-up game anywhere I can get it, with or without a 5-a-side arena. However, I think the Soccer Lot arena has the potential to bring together more people than would otherwise come out to play pickup. When set up, the arenas visually highlight the soccer potential of otherwise rarely used grassy areas, of which there seem to be quite a few in Kansas City. I hope the Soccer Lot can become a beacon for soccer players of all ages in our city, especially those of us who just want to get into a fun pickup game a couple times per week.
For more information about the Soccer Lot in Kansas City, check out their website at:

A new parade!

If there’s one thing that’s true about Brookside, it’s that it does St. Patty’s Day right.  So why not double our fun and add a new parade.  That’s what the folks of the Southtown council have decided and they’re going to be holding a great Fourth of July parade.  Like the St. Patrick’s Day parade, this one will continue the tradition of not occurring on the actual day it’s celebrating–a principle I find very charming.

Click here for more info.