Kansas City Glass Recycling

…alternatively titled “Everything I didn’t know about Ripple Glass”

The Fox used to live in a big East Coast city and in that big East Coast city, you could recycle everything.  Throw it all in a giant, city provided trash can, and people would magically whisk it away every week.  So, we had to admit some confusion when we moved to Kansas City and you couldn’t recycle glass.  We’re well into the 2000′s, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Ripple Glass

Recently I picked up some literature on Ripple Glass, our local glass recycler which has given me some of the background, and some interesting facts to boot so I thought I’d share them.

“Last year alone, Kansas Citians threw away 150 million pounds of perfectly good glass.  TO the dismay of the people at Boulevard Brewing Company, this included some 10 million empty Bouulevard bottles… why almost no local recycling? Because there was no nearby facility to process the glass.  And why no local processor?  Because, in classic chicken and egg fashion, there was almost no local recycling.”

“The folks at Boulevard finally got tired of being part of the problem.  So… they came up with a solution–Ripple Glass.  Ripple has constructed a state of the art processign plant right here in KC… [and] found a local customer what will convert the recycled glass into fiberglass insulation.”

Cool story.  And a few other interesting facts

  • Throughout the US, nearly 30% of glass containers are recycled but KC ranks last among major cities with a recycling rate of only 5%.
  • Collecting glass separate from the rest of your recycled materials keeps the paper and plastic products from being contaminated by broken glass.  This contamination means the plastics and paper can only be used for lower-quality products.  By using a segregated system, the quality of all recyclables is maintained.
  • A six pack of recycled beer bottles produces enough fiberglass insulation to fill a standard wall cavity

So now I have to admit, I kind of prefer Kansas City’s system to the East Coast city system–now we just need more and more people to use it!

T-Shirt Deli in Brookside !

A new shop recently opened up in Brookside in place of the old Pickerman’s Sandwich Shop.  It is a Chicago based business call The T-Shirt Deli. This shop is not a place where you can eat t-shirts or make sandwiches, though it is somewhat funny opening in what was once an actual deli.  It is a place where customers can create their own custom t-shirts and other apparel. So it is sort of like a deli, but for t-shirts.

The Brookside location is part of a small chain of three T-Shirt Delis, the other two being in Chicago.  The store offers the opportunities for customers to create their own men’s, women’s, kid’s, and even dog’s t-shirts, hoodies, and underwear. Pricing is determined by the article of clothing and the amount of lettering or images in the design.  The shirts are created on the spot, wrapped, and come with a bag of chips just like your local deli.

The T-Shirt Deli was recently featured in this Kansas City Star article and it references the shop owner’s Kansas City and even Brookside connection.  Has anyone tried out the T-Shirt Deli yet? If so what kind of shirt did you make ?


Fox Features…

Brookside is home to many local businesses, some new and some decades old.  In Fox Features… we will look at some of those businesses and their owners who are living out their passion in Brookside.

First up is an interview with Fed Reggiardo, owner of BKS Guitars!

The Fox: “What services do you provide for the community?”

Fed: “Brookside Guitars is the place to go in BKS for guitar, piano, or bass lessons (drums coming soon) and to meet and interact with other neighborhood musicians. We also have a selection of guitars and accessories for sale with much more inventory to be added in the coming weeks as we wrap up renovations at our new location.”

The Fox: “What is your favorite thing about Brookside and why did you open up shop here?”

Fed: “There are so many things I love about Brookside.! Having grown up in Tucson, AZ I first visited KC about 10 years ago with my wife (then girlfriend) who is a Brookside native.  I instantly fell in love!  The combination of lush vegetation, gorgeous homes, wonderful restaurants, walkability, and community pride set it apart from almost every other place I’ve ever visited in the US.  Everybody knows everybody around here and that is extremely unique in the heart of a metro with over 2 million inhabitants.”

The Fox: “What do you wish more people knew about BKS Guitars?”

Fed: “What do I want people to know about BKS Guitars?  That we’re here!!!  Just need to keep spreading the word that we exist.  Having a toddler and a newborn have limited my ability to get out into the community, network, and spread the word about the shop.  We’re growing steadily and will be stocking many more items in the upcoming weeks.  Stop by and introduce yourself if you’re a musician in the neighborhood! Oh, and visit www.brooksideguitars.com, like us on facebook, join us on Twitter, and so on.”


Thanks Fed!

BKS Guitars is located at 63rd and Oak. If you are interested in learning an instrument, connecting with other musicians, or in need of some music supplies check out BKS Guitars!

(Note–The Brookside Fox does not receive compensation for posts on local businesses–we just love this neighborhood and love people who are doing great things here!)