Bikeable Brookside

With the heating beating down on us so hard these days, getting out on the bike may seem very desirable.  However for those who wish to brave the heat and get some exercise there are some great places in the Brookside area to cool off and relax once you reach your destination. The Brookside area is bookend by two Kansas City Public Libraries that are easily bikeable from the Brookside Shops.

The Plaza Branch is a straight shot down Main St. It is at 48th street. If you arrive at the Plaza itself you have gone too far. The Waldo Branch is at 75th St. and Grand. Both branches are fairly accessible from the Trolley Track trail, making the ride safer for new or young riders. According to Google Maps both branches are located approximately two miles from the Brookside Shops, an easy ride regardless of the heat.

So if you are looking to grab a good book, or movie, or even just cool off using someone elses’ air conditioning, hop on the bike and ride to your nearest Kansas City Library Branch. If you live in Brookside you are close to one!


The Growler

When a consumable item becomes a household staple, we tend to buy it in bulk to have an adequate supply to use throughout the week, so we don’t have to make multiple trips to the store, or deal with a lot of unnecessary packaging that comes with individual servings.  At my house, beer is one of these things; I like to have some on hand more often than not, and since moving to Brookside, I haven’t enjoyed loading up the glass bottles that pile up after a few weekends (the city I moved from collected glass in the same bin along with all my other recyclables).

Happily, there is a great solution available to my kind here in Brookside: the 75th Street Brewery Growler!  I learned about the growler last year from my friend who kept one in DC (he had his filled at the local Whole Foods), and really wanted to try it out.  After moving to Brookside, I was thrilled to learn there was a brewery within biking distance that offered them.

So a couple Fridays ago, I hopped on my bike and rode the 12 blocks or so down to the brewery, and asked for a couple at the bar.  I opted for a bottle of the Possum Trot Brown Ale, and a bottle of Irish Red, and within a few minutes the friendly bartender brought out my two freshly-filled 1/2 gallon growlers, and the bill was something like $25.  I did feel a little odd walking out with two big jugs of beer, and a little more odd bungee’ing them to my milk-crate, but it was worth it.

I brought the growlers back to share with some friends at a group dinner, and they livened the table considerably.  It was nice for to see the table not littered with individual bottles during and after the meal, nice to be able to ask for and give refills on the spot, without going back to the fridge, and nice to just enjoy some quality brews with friends.   The growlers simplified our meal and were part of a good time in Brookside.

Time will tell whether I’ll revert to six pack bottles or cans, but at this point, I’m planning on sticking with the growlers.  To summarize:

Advantages of the 75th Street Brewery Growler:

  • decently priced
  • fillable with a variety of very good quality beer
  • eliminates need for beer bottle recycling (you just rinse and take them back to the brewery when you’re ready for a refill)
  • allows you to pour as large or small a serving as you want
  • supports a good local business
  • fun


  • other foxes might try to steal your growler out of jealousy!
beer poured from the growler

a bit 'heady' after the bike ride, but still tasty!


Bikeable Brookside

The Crestwood Shops. Located on 55th St. between Brookside Blvd. and Oak St., the Crestwood Shops have been a part of the Brookside area and the greater Country Club District since 1922.  This makes them one of the area’s oldest neighborhood shopping centers.  From restaurants to clothing store and antique stores, and even a florists, the Crestwood Shops are full of local small business charm.  They are also conveniently located in between two of Brookside’s most bikeable stretches; the Trolley Track Trail and Oak St.

With these nice days we have been having jumping on your bike has never been more desirable. So hope on your bike over to Crestwood. You can grab a coffee at Aixois, flowers at Crestwood Flowers, and maybe an antique or two.

Bikeable Brookside

The University of Missouri- Kansas City touches the northern border of the Brookside area.  This university provides a lot of good for the Kansas City area and continually strives to improve itself.

It is easily accessible from either the Trolley Track or beautiful Oak Street.  No matter where you live in the Brookside area it is just a short bike ride away. It is also really close to the Country Club Plaza and the Crestwood Shops, making it a great place to take a night class or two.  Directly west of campus is a Fox favorite, Pizza 51.  Grab a slice or bring a whole pie back to the house (if you and your bike can carry it!)

Did I mention UMKC has one of the coolest mascots around?  So hop and your bike and go Roos !

Bikeable Brookside

The Plaza! Brookside's northern border is generally thought to be the world famous Country Club Plaza, America's first shopping center designed with the automobile in mind. With the Plaza's increasing popularity to both Kansas Citians and the surrounding suburbs, parking can be frustrating at times.

Traveling by bike completely eliminates that issue making the Plaza experience all the more enjoyable. Biking from the Brookside Shops, travel time to the Plaza is about 15 minutes and parking takes zero minutes.

While the Plaza was once designed to accommodate the car, if you live in the Brookside area the fox thinks biking provides a far more pleasurable experience.